Omron Cable Diagrams

1. SYSMAC Host Link Cable (RS-232C Programming Cable for Omron Programmable Controllers

Fig.1: XW2Z-200P-V Cable Diagram.
Applicable to:
C20-LK201-V1, C500-LK203, C500-LK201-V1, C120-LK201-V1, C200H-LK201, CV500-LK201 (Port 1, full-duplex mode)
Fig.2: XW2Z-200S-V Cable Diagram.
Applicable to:
C200HS-CPU31/33/21/23, CQM1-CPU21, CQM1-CPU41, CQM1-CPU42, CQM1-CPU43, CQM1-CPU44,
CV500/1000/2000, CVM1, CV500-LK201 (Communications port 2),
C200HE-CPU42, C200HG-CPU43/63, C200HX-CPU44/64, C200HW-COM02, C200HW-COM04, C200HW-COM05, C200HW-COM06,
CPM2A, CPM1-CIF01, CPM2C-CIF01, CP1/CP2-Series
Fig.3: XW2Z-200S-CV Cable Diagram.
Applicable to:
CJ-series CPU Units, CS-series CPU Units, Serial Communications Unit

2. Communication Cable between Omron Programmable Controller (PLC) and Omron Programmable Terminal (PT)

Fig.4: XW2Z-200T Cable Diagram.

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