Omron NT Transfer Utility

NT Transfer Utility
With the Support Tool on CD-ROM, the NT Transfer Utility, which can transmit screen data to a PT easily on site, is supplied.
It can download the screen data file in mmi format to a PT and can save the
screen data uploaded from a PT to a file in mmi format.
Screen data file in mmi format is less than 1.44 Mbytes. So it is useful when you save the file in a floppy disk to transfer the data to and from a PT on site.
Reference: S NT Transfer Utility is a software that is exclusively used for downloading/uploading the screen data without modifying the contents.
  • NT Transfer Utility can handle only the file in mmi format. It is not possible to
read or write the file in onw format, which is a standard format of the Support
Tool. Therefore, please be sure to save the screen data in mmi format when
you use the NT Transfer Utility. For details of the restriction of the file types and mmi format, refer to 3-3-3 Saving the Screen Data (Application) File.
  • NT Transfer utility downloads/uploads the screen data in the application unit. It is not possible to perform individual transmission such as the transmission in the screen unit.
Equipment necessary for using the NT Transfer Utility
The following indicates the equipment necessary for using the Support Tool.
  • Recommended CPU: Pentium 100 MHz or faster CPU
  •  Personal Computer: Use an IBM personal computer or 100% compatible.
  •  Recommended Memory: 32 Mbytes minimum
  •  Free Area in Hard Disk: At least 3.5 Mbytes
Operating System
The NT Transfer Utility runs on Microsoft Windows 95, Microsoft Windows 98, and Microsoft Windows NT 4.0. Version 4.05 or higher of the NT Transfer Utility also runs on Microsoft Windows 2000 and Microsoft Windows XP.
Version 4.80 or higher of the NT Transfer Utility also runs on Microsoft Windows Vista and Microsoft Windows 7.
The NT Transfer Utility will not run on Windows 3.1.
Operation on a 64-bit OS or server OS is also not supported.

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